From age limits to frequently asked questions, we have your answers.

What is your shop minimum?

     Our tattoo minimum is $80. Pricing is based on size, detail, location/color. We are happy to quote you. Just stop by. Piercings start at $50.  

Can you tattoo over my scar?

     Most scars can be tattooed over. If your scar is shiny or severely raised, it's not in your best interest to tattoo these areas. Healing complications may cause excess bleeding and cause the scar to become worse. Please consult your artist to make sure tattooing your scars will work for you. 

I need a cover up, but I don't know what will work. Can you help me?

     Yes, we can! Cover ups take planning and realistic expectations. Not everything you have in mind may work. Feel free to stop by as a walk in to consult your artist about options that are best for you. Have your best ideas ready!

How old do I need to be to get tattooed and pierced?

      There are no laws in Yellowstone County requiring anyone be a certain age. However, we have established a strict age policy as a shop. Nobody under 16 will be tattooed, and nobody under 10 will be pierced. Being under 18 for a tattoo will also limit where a tattoo will be done on your body. Everyone under 18 must provide ID as outlined in the ID Requirements section and be accompanied by a legal guardian.

What piercings can my 8 year old get?

     At 8 years old, we're happy to pierce the first or second earlobe placements. No other piercings are offered till your child turns 10. We consider each person case by case and reserve the right to decline a child's piercing if we feel the child is not ready. You will be given reason and issued shop credit. Piercing age limits are as follows:

8 and over: ear lobes up to 2nd placement

10 and over: ear lobe up to 3rd placement, one standard helix

12 and over: one nostril, one lip, one eyebrow, conch, tragus. May be considered for other piercings if child has already healed one of the previous piercings listed at age 12

14 and over: septum, navel, two nostrils, 2 lips, 2 ear other than lobes

16 and over: industrial, orbital, 4 lobes at once, all ear work limit 3, dermal anchors

18+: nipples, below the belt when available

Genital work, tongue piercing, piercings on children under 8 are not currently being offered.

I don't understand the piercing prices on the website. Can you explain?

     All piercings are charged a piercing fee and jewelry cost is added. The piercing fee for one piercing is $35. The lowest possible jewelry cost for a basic ring is $15. Therefore, a single piercing starts at $50 IF a hoop style is appropriate for you. If the ring is suspected to heal poorly, your piercer will opt for a threadless stud that starts at $25. The $25 stud is a plain ball with no bells and whistles. This makes the lowest price with a stud $60. In locations not appropriate for threadless jewelry (i.e. tongue), you'll be provided with a basic threaded barbell that starts at $30, making the base price for this option $65.  Each additional piercing in one sitting is another $15 added to the piercing fee plus the total cost of jewelry you've chosen.

What does my deposit go towards?

     Your deposit is a down payment for your appointment. The balance due will be determined by the total cost in shop. This is NOT a booking fee. Deposits are non refundable except when your artist declines service at their discretion. 

What service refusal warrants a deposit refund?

     If services are declined with a deposit refund, the artist doesn't feel comfortable providing the service you requested and has not yet invested any time or supplies into your appointment. Once drawing supplies, piercing equipment, or others items necessary have begun to be prepared, they are now considered used and must be compensated for. 

Can you just put my name on a waiting list for a tattoo?

     While we would love to accommodate everyone's want to be tattooed as soon as possible, we book out months in advance. Because others have already scheduled and have been waiting, we call those people to come in earlier than their scheduled appointment. By booking you may also have the possibility of getting called in sooner. We just don't let anyone cut in line and we don't keep a call list.

Why do I need to downsize my jewelry?

     When you're first pierced, your jewelry is oversized to accommodate swelling that will happen. Once the swelling is gone a smaller piece of jewelry is necessary for the rest of your healing period. Leaving the larger jewelry in too long will cause enough irritation that your piercing will swell again and force it to have to heal all over again. We suggest getting in for a downsize between 4 and 6 weeks to avoid the irritation in the long run.

Do tattoos cause side effects?

     Sometimes scarring that may occur can be intermittently irritated and become raised for short periods of time, or large tattoos may cause chronic itching in the long term without explanation. The only scientifically proven side effect is being much more attractive once you've been tattooed ; )