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Tattoo Artist - BW

FAQs Page

  • Be on time with appropriate ID:

       -18 and over - driver license, state

         ID, passport​

       -8 to 17 - birth certificate AND a 

        school ID or any ID mentioned


  • Minimums:

       -tattoo - $80

       -piercing - $55

       -cosmetic/tattoo removal - $150

       -scar therapy - $50


  • Age limits are as follows:

       -8 and over: ear lobes up to 2nd


       -10 and over: ear lobe up to 3rd

         placement, one standard helix

       -12 and over: one helix, one nostril,

         one lip, one eyebrow

       -14 and over: septum, navel, conch,

         tragus, forward helix

       -16 and over: tattoos, all ear

         placements up to 3, 4 lobes in

         one visit, dermal anchors, two 

         facial piercings

       -18 and over: nipples

***Genital work and tongue piercing is only offered to those 18 and over and only while a guest artist who offers the service is present. We reserve the right to deny any child's piercing if our professional opinion is that the child isn't ready. We also reserve the right to adjust these age restrictions case by case***


  • ​Deposit policy:


       -one reschedule allowed when 24

        hour notice is given

       -artist reschedule does not effect

         your deposit

       -deposits are forfeited if you are late,

        do not have required ID, or

        otherwise unprepared

       -when our piercer declines a service,

         your deposit will become shop




  • Jewelry warranties:

      -all jewelry is covered with lifetime

       warranties against manufacturer


      -gems, metal, fasteners are all


      -warranty allows for repair in most

        cases which requires the piece to

        be sent in at customer expense

      -refunds are not granted in lieu of

       warranty work unless the

       manufacturer issues the refund

      -we are not responsible for supplying

        free jewelry while you wait for a

        repair or replacement

      -misuse and abuse is not covered

        by warranties but can be repaired in

        some cases at the customer's



  • Waiting list:

       -those who have already waited for

        their scheduled tattoo appointment

        will be contacted first 


  • Returns policy:

       -absolutely no returns are accepted

       -items that have not been installed

         AND have not left the shop yet can

         be exchanged for other jewelry

  • Scheduling:

       -tattoos are scheduled over the

        phone (406)655-0011 or in person

       -piercings are scheduled on the

         services page or on a call ahead


        -we do not take walk ins except on

          rare occasion

        -anyone under 18 must have an

         adult schedule for them

        -read all info provided to prevent

         any issues once you arrive for

         your appointment